Product Series Characteristics Principal Applications
High Purity Alumina Purity of 99.995%, Unmilled with excellent liquidity and Milled grain available. High purity ceramic materials, sapphire, ruby, spray material, special glass, semiconductor devices, insulators, electrical power devices and more.
High Purity Activated Alumina Purity of 99.99%,This gamma-alumina having very high surface areas and pore structure; alpha-alumina with good sinterability. Catalyst carriers, adsorbents, advanced ceramics, advanced spraying materials and more.
High Purity Aluminum Hydroxide High purity, metal impurities such as iron are extremely low Appearance is white crystal powder, uniform particle size, high purity, stable chemical properties, good crystal phase stability, and good sintering activity. Optical glass additives, high-purity aluminum salts,petroleum, chemical catalyst, lithium ion battery and other industries.
High Purity Alumina Products High Purity Alumina Products include High Purity Alumina Granules, High Purity Alumina pellet, Alumina Crackle Crystal and Alumina Polycrystalline. Our 5N high purity alumina products have the advantages of high purity and density. Mainly use for production large size sapphire crystals by Kyropoulos method, EFG method, TGT method and Czochralski method etc.
Specialty Alumina For Fine Polishing Moderate hardness, and they’re more suitable for fine polishing. By selecting the right particle size products ,and adjusting the solid content in the polishing liquid (1-60% adjustable), it will be achieved high cutting rates and fast light effect. For the same particle size product, the cutting rate will be increased obviously by improving the solid content in the polishing liquid. Our company has two series of products, PA series are mainly used for the final polishing of mirrors of sapphire and others. PAS series are specially applied to automotive paint polishing, resin lens polishing, high-grade furniture paint polishing field.
High Purity Ammonium Alum High purity ammonium alum/alumina is produced by our company’s proprietary technology. High purity,appearance is crystal-clear and transparent. High purity alumina, sapphire and ruby, reagent, chemical and so on.
Pseudo-boehmite Non-toxic, odorless, powder (dry),high purity crystal phase , good peptization performance and strong adhesion. Surface area, pore size and particle size distribution can be customized. Petroleum distillate hydrogenation catalysts, cracking (gasoline hydrotreating) catalysts and chemical catalysts, functional fillers.
Activated Alumina Ball White spherical material, special fabrication, strong affinity with the active component benefit from the unique structure, the product has uniform distribution porous,suitable pore size,high water absorption, small bulk density , good mechanical properties, good stability. Catalyst carrier, desiccant, fluoride removal agent, transformer adsorbent.