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Alumina for lacquer surface polishing and resin polishing

2019-05-03 admin

一、Product introduction:

· Our company independently research and develop the PAS series of fine polishing alumina powder, which is specially used in automobile lacquer surface polishing, resin lens polishing, and high-end furniture lacquer surface polishing. The series of alumina are with moderate hardness, and you can achieve the effect of fast cutting speed and nice appearing light by choosing the appropriate particle size. The series of alumina have been used by the domestic market and it has achieved good use effect.

二、Product specifications and features:



●The alumina powder can be easily melted into pulp,and it can be used directly or made into the polishing liquid.The solid content is arbitrary adjustable from 1% to 50%. The liquid phase is stable.
●The stable crystal form、the adjustable hardness(surface area 1~40m2/g)、small particles and uniform particle size distribution;
●Good appearing light、fast cutting rate、bright luminosity and good mirror effect;
●It can be product customization according to customer's requirements or samples.

3、Market applications

●Lacquer surface polishing: including automotive paint polishing and grinding, mobile phone shell lacquer polishing, and furniture lacquer surface polishing.
●Resin polishing: including resin lens, resin screens and other resin mirror surface polishing.
●Can be directly made into various types of polishing liquid, and liquid phase is stable in the process of using.

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