Application Fields

Alumina is a vital material in industrial applications, as well as other areas of science, engineering, and technology.


Alumina is an excellent electrical insulator used as substrate, tunnel barrier, superconducting quantum interference devices and surface coating of Li-Ion battery cathode.


Pure alumina can have strength, hardness and chemical inertness. Sapphire and ruby, the best-known crystalline forms, are primarily single-crystal alpha-Al2O3.


High purity alumina powder is mainly used in high pressure sodium lamp, new luminescent materials, trichromatic phosphor, and PDP phosphor.


Alumina is used for its hardness, strength and low heat retention. It is widely used as an abrasive, including as grinding and fine polishing.


Being fairly chemically inert and white, alumina is a favored common ingredient in sunscreen and is sometimes also present in cosmetics such as blush, lipstick, and nail polish.


In its largest scale catalyst application, alumina catalyses a variety of reactions that are useful industrially and serves as a catalyst support for many industrial catalysts.


Alumina is the most well-known and most commonly used fine ceramic material that is excellent at resisting abrasion and is ideal for wear-resistant inserts or products.


Activated alumina is widely used to remove fluoride from water, and desiccate the water in the air, also used to remove water from gas streams.