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Influence of Adding High Purity Alumina in Electrolyte on Performance of Lithium-ion Batteries

Keywords: Lithium-ion Battery, Nano High Purity Alumina Powder, Additives, Electrochemical Performance, Electrolyte

Keywords: Lithium-rich Cathode, Al2O3 Coating, Cycle Ctability, Voltage Fading, Cathodic Electrolyte Interphase (CEI) Film, Electrochemical Performance

Keywords: High Capacity Positive Electrode Materials, Alumina Coated, Na-ion Battery, Electrochemical, Atomic Layer Deposition, Stable Capacity

Keywords: Na3V2-xMx(PO4)3, Cathode Materials of Sodium-ion Batteries, Uniformity, Conductivity, Multiplier Properties

Keywords: Co-coated, NVPF/C-Al, Carbon and Aluminum Oxide, C-Al2O3, Modify Anode and Cathode Materials, Al2O3 Coated

Keywords: Sodium-ion Battery, Na2Fe2(SO4)3, Alumina-Coated Partical Surface Core-shell Structure


Keywords: Chemical structure, Dehydration, Hydroxyls, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, γ-Al2O3

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Keywords: NMC,  LCO, Al2O3 coating, coating vs doping, TEM, 27Al MAS NMR

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Keywords: Boehmite (AlOOH), aluminium oxihydroxide, catalysts, catalyst support, γ-Al2O3

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Keywords: Adsorbents, Adsorption, Fluoride, Removal, Activated Alumina