the world of ALUMINA

Sintering Behavior of the β″-alumina Solid Electrolyte for Battery Applications

Keywords: Solid Electrolyte, β ″-alumina, Liquid Phase Sintering, β ″-Al2O3

Na-β-Alumina as a Separator in the Development of All-Vanadium Non-Aqueous Tubular Redox Flow Batteries: An Electrochemical and Charging-Discharging Examination Using a Prototype Tubular Redox Flow Cell
The relationship between Ur and 3/2 Pmax for α-Al2O3 and α-Al2O3(0001) under different indenter tip radii. The inset is magnified from the small indentation load regime.

Keywords: Single Crystal Alumina, Nanoindentation, Single Crystal Aluminum Oxide, Indentation Size Effect, Alumina Crystalline Oxide, Single Crystal Aluminium Oxide

Perfect Single-Crystal Alumina Microspheres

Keywords: Single-Crystal Alumina, Alumina Microspheres, Single-Crystal Al2O3 Microspheres

Beta′′-Alumina Solid Electrolyte Tubes

Keywords: β''-aluminum Oxide, Beta″-aluminum Oxide, solid electrolyte tubes, β''-alumina ceramic, beta″-alumina tubes

Effect of the particle size and the debinding process on the density of alumina ceramics fabricated by 3D printing based on stereolithography
Preparation and Optical Properties of Mo-Al2O3 Solar Selective Absorbing Coatings

Keywords: Selective Absorbing Coating, Molybdenum-Aluminium Oxide (Mo-Al2O3), Absorptance, Reflectance, Magnetron Sputtering

Beta Alumina Solid Electrolyte Tube

Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Mask-Projection Stereolithography, Ceramics, β″-Al2O3 Solid Electrolyte, Alumina

High Purity Alumina

Keywords: Solid Polymer Electrolyte, Al2O3, Polyethylene Oxide, PEO-LiTFSI, Conductivity, Diffusion Coefficients

Keywords: Silicon Solar Cells, Al2O3, Wet Chemical Polishing, Etching, Passivation, Screen Printing, Surface Roughness